George Lucas has said that "sound is 50% of the motion picture experience," yet the process of creating a film soundtrack is largely misunderstood — or virtually unknown — to even the most passionate film lovers. A group of experts in our field, led by Hollywood Historian and Sound Effects Archivist Steve Lee, want to change that with the creation of The Hollywood Sound Museum.

The Museum will be a destination for fans, students, and professionals. Here, the world will discover the art of creating sound for film, TV, and other media through exhibits and educational programs.

The Museum will feature:

• Displays that tell the story of sound recording from its beginning to present day;
• Audio / Video kiosks sharing the work and stories of the artists behind the craft;
• Interactive exhibits and demonstrations showcasing the methods used to create a film’s soundtrack (including Production Recording, Sound Design, Foley, ADR Editing, and Mixing);
• Displays of tools, old and new, used in the craft - including moviolas, microphones, consoles, and Foley props;
• Awards won by the artists for their craft - including several Oscars;
• And much more!

We are actively seeking donations and sponsors for the Museum, as well as items to add to our collection... If you have anything you think should be a part of the Museum, please contact us!

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The Hollywood Sound Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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Contact: Steve Lee - 310 800 1657
PO Box 46486, Los Angeles, CA 90046
HollywoodSoundMuseum @ gmail . com